The Girl Was Young

The dead body of film actress Christine Clay washes ashore a British beach. Based on incriminating testimony and circumstantial evidence, struggling screenwriter Robert Tisdall, who was a casual acquaintance of Christine's, is charged with her murder, he who was the first person to discover the body. Just as he is about to enter court for the first time, Robert, who knows he is innocent and senses that his incompetent court-appointed barrister will not save him, is able to escape. Along the way, he enlists the help of feisty Erica Burgoyne, the daughter of the chief constable. The two earlier met in the police station, she fully aware of who he is. Erica's assistance is reluctant at first, but ends up being cooperative as she does end up believing his story. That help is initially only to elude capture, but then also to find out who really did kill Christine so that Robert can clear his name. That help is also at the risk of Erica and the Burgoynes' good name, especially seeing as to her father's role and her long friendship with his colleagues. As the two of them progress with trying to find the evidence to clear his name - primarily regarding a raincoat which was stolen from his car - Erica has more reason to help Robert. If they are able to discover the truth, they will find that Robert being incriminated for the murder is no accident.

Duration: 83 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1937

IMDb: 7